Saturday, March 27, 2010

School Carnival

On Tuesday James' daycare had a school carnival at night. We wanted to be there early so we could get home and feed this normally-hungry-at-5pm boy so Jim met us there when I picked up James that day.

We definitely beat the rush and the daycare workers were still setting up the games. James' first stop was this balloon pop. Each balloon had a "prize" inside. James couldn't get the balloon popped so we ended up taking the balloon home.

I don't know why his crack is always showing!

I like this picture because he kind of looks geeky (hehe) and the little kids in the room next door are jealously looking at James with the balloons!

Lollipop tree behind James.

Cake walk. I was suprised that James participated in this one so well. He kept expecting a win and would follow the teacher to the prize basket. It took three times but finally he won! He won a cookie so really isn't it a cookie walk?

James' first cotton candy! He did like it. He liked to lick it.

It ended up being a fun 35 minutes :) We didn't stay long but we did hit all of the games and said hi to all of the teachers. The next day the director told me that they ended up having 60-70 families show up. She was glad James came early because he's quieter and she was glad he didn't get overwhelmed by the people. Me too!

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