Sunday, March 28, 2010

We love Saturdays!

Especially the Saturdays that we sleep in! James graced us with a 7am wake-up, which is pretty good considering other mornings it's been 3:30am or 4am. We are glad he stayed in his own bed until then. I woke up to take care of James while Jim slept in (his turn), and James and I played in his room. He was pretty obsessed with Star Wars that day.

He kept his Star Wars pajamas on all day. It was that kind of day. Here he is playing with his Barack Obama Air Force One. Seriously, it's a toy that we got at last year's Green Expo.

James' room can be dark enough that lightsaber play is quite fun. He uses this flashlight to make swooshing sounds and motions. He fought Battle Droids all day. In this picture, "a Battle Droid got me, Mama!"

James admires his picture of himself, Dora, and Grandma Rosie.

Battle droids attack again!!!!

Later, still in pajamas, James takes a turn on my iPhone to play a game. This is an app where he has to blow into the microphone to blow bubbles. He then uses his finger to pop them. It's not the most educational app on the phone, I much prefer the ones where he has to identify shapes, puzzles, matching, etc. But it's pretty darn funny seeing him concentrate like this.

He only gets a few minutes at a time and then he's okay to let it go. I tell him we need to charge the battery often.

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