Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break and Daddy

For my first day of Spring Break James went to daycare and Jim was out of town. He had a business trip in Pittsburgh. I wanted to be productive (with the whole house to myself) and so the first thing that I did was deep clean my bathroom. Ahhhh a clean bathtub! It's all ready for a long, relaxing bath. If it was cold and wintery I think I would be all over that! But during the first part of spring break it was beautiful and sunny.

When James came home from daycare we spent a lot of time outside golfing. He loves golf again. It makes me happy for him.

We spotted a plane in the sky. James told me, "Mama, Dada is on a trip. He's way up in the sky." So he waved at the plane. It was very cute.

Even cuter was the moment he stopped, mid-swing, to grunt and very obviously poop! He stood very still and strained. I tried to get him to put down the club and finish inside, or at least go inside and change his pull-up but he cried. A minute later I insisted.

Later, Daddy called us on video chat! James didn't even blink at the concept. I told him it was a "computer phone" and we had a great couple of minutes filling in Daddy on the day's activities.

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