Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Students

I just wanted to include the latest picture of my students. We met for a yearbook picture this last week. I have almost 100 members of my Multicultural group- it's a group that meets after school, but thankfully not all of them show up on the same day. We mostly just hang out but they also do talk about some of the issues they experience in school and in the community. I love them all :)

This picture is a submission for our school's Extreme Reading Contest. Students are supposed to photograph themselves reading in some extreme or creative way. One of my students had an idea to hop into the Black History display case that we put together and pretend to be reading those materials. This is the pose that ended up being the best. The bell rang right after this picture and the girls had fun scaring people as they walked by the display case. They looked like zoo animals behind glass! I thought it ended up being a cool way to draw attention to the Black History display- maybe we should have more interactive display cases?

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