Monday, March 22, 2010

Bouncing Balls

James can make a lightsaber out of anything. He has been using his electronic drumsticks as lightsabers. The bonus is that they make cool noises when we "fight".

Jim registered James for a class at the Science Museum before he knew he would be gone on his business trip. I gladly stepped in and took James to the class. I was so curious how he would do at the class. It was a class for 3-4 year olds but I just didn't know if James would participate or be interested.

I was pleasantly surprised to find James very attentive and well behaved! He sat quietly while the teacher reviewed the properties of balls.

He even raised his hand to answer "What makes a ball a ball?" (The teacher first explained that the kids should raise their hands. James was whispering answers to me and so I told him, Raise your hand!) The teacher called on him and he very sweetly said, "Balls are round!!" I was such a proud Mommy! :) :) :)

The class had several stations set up for the kids to explore the different sizes of balls, what the insides look like, etc.

James is measuring the circumference of the ball here, using pieces of string to measure it.

Dropping the balls in a pan of flour was great fun!

Jim made it home soon after our afternoon class. We met him for lunch at Key's cafe in Spring Lake Park and then went home to open the "surprise" from San Diego.

Wow! A treasure chest! It is a sort of snow globe but with fish, shells, and bubbles. He loves it :) Thanks Daddy!

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