Saturday, March 6, 2010


On Thurday Jim was informed that James pooped in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at parent/teacher conferences so I heard the news by phone, before I drove home. James got on the phone and told me the great news. I was eager to get home, talk to Jim, and hear the details.

I guess James just told his teacher, "I need to poop." They put him on the potty and soon after he pooped! I know they probably gave him HUGE praise. He proudly wore two stickers on his shirt. (He came home and put them on his kitchen, with the rest of the fruit label/stickers.) When Jim went to pick up James that day I guess the teachers dropped everything and were very excited to tell Jim the poop news.

It's very exciting! We haven't had much progress at home. For example, today James has pooped three times in his diaper/pull-ups. We ask him several times in the day if he needs to poop but he says no. The smell hits us and we realize he did poop in his diaper. Ugh. So three changes today and the last one was pretty bad. He had a rash :( Poor James!

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