Monday, March 26, 2007

Lots of news

Jim starts his first day of work today! I'll be home today with James so I'll get to send him off. I hope he likes the job and everyone is nice to him :) How could they not like him?

James rolled over!!! We were doing tummy time and the next thing I knew, he was on his back! He leans over and slowly rolls over. There's a video of him attempting to roll, but not actually rolling. Of course I didn't capture it! He did it a second time, later in the day, and Jim was able to see it too. It was pretty exciting for us- our little baby is becoming a big boy!

Grandpa Roger was in the news! Check out this Pioneer Press article about the Washington County Reserve Deputy Academy: (you'll probably need to cut and paste this link)

Tia Kristina comes today! We're picking her up at the airport this afternoon. We prepped the house for Tia and the cats. We hope it will be a happy home for all of them :)

We had a pretty good weekend. Tia Ana and Uncle Rich came over on Saturday night, bringing yummy food to grill. We had a feast :) I could hit myself because I keep forgetting to take pictures when family visits.

This upcoming weekend: Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Larry are coming! Jim and I have a "hot date" and they're coming to help with James. We arranged this before Kristina was coming but I know Grandma is still anxious to come! Also, to see Kristina.

And last, James got a new toy yesterday. His Daddy bought him a Jumperoo so that he can wear himself out :) No, really, it looks fun for him. There's toys surrounding him, with flashing lights and music. So far he likes it pretty well! He hasn't outgrown his swing or his play mat, but sometimes he prefers to be upright and on his toes. This is perfect to get those chubby thighs in shape!

New pictures and videos! And a new Baby Ticker below.

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