Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Warm weather

a bit, crying out and talking in his sleep. The baby monitor is right by our heads so we wake up with his night noises. At 3am I did think he was really getting up so I got up to prepare his bottle. By the time I got to his nursery, he was asleep again.

The lastest James development is his fear/anxiety with strangers. I would think this is normal at his age, but it seems to have developed suddenly. When I've taken him to visit my work, he cried with anyone who tried to hold him (besides me). Again, when Grandpa Roger was over, he wouldn't let anyone else hold him. I've been showing him Grandma Rosie's picture, so hopefully he'll recognize her when we see her at the end of this month! She would be devastated if he didn't let her hold him!!!

I'm sorry there are no new pictures. I may have pictures on my camera but I haven't had a chance to transfer them to the computer. Maybe I'll take some tonight?

Happy day!

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