Thursday, March 8, 2007

Four month doctor appointment

James is in perfect health! Dr. Kuku commented that he is a "big boy". He weighs 16 pounds, 5 ozs and is 25 1/4 inches long. He is in the 75th percentile for both measurements. His head circumference is 42 1/2 cms- 50th%. James did get his 4 month shots, two shots in each thigh! In one of the pictures in Baby Album "March" you can see the band-aids on his legs. Poor James! He screamed for about a minute but fell asleep in the car. He's been fine since then, maybe a little fussy, but he was like that before the doctor's office. Just one of those "off" days.

We also got the okay to start solids, starting with rice cereal. Of course I picked some up on the way home so that we could try it out ASAP. You can see one of the pictures on the main page. The cereal was a bit runny for the first time, probably to get him used to the taste. We plan on making it thicker for the next time. I have to look up how often we should be doing cereal. I don't believe its at every feeding. But it was a messy experience and now I've learned that I should strip James before feeding him. There was cereal on his shirt sleeves, his front, his pants, everywhere! A bib and a diaper next time :)

Before the doctor's appointment, we stopped at my school to say hi to the staff. The ladies there have asked to see James so it was a good day to bring him. But James was NOT in the best of moods. He was in one of his rare crying, fussy moods and didn't want to be held by others. Finally he did let Beth & Julie hold him. They have the magic touch!

Please see the Baby Album "March" for new pictures of James and his cereal, etc. Also, there is a new video in My Baby Video Clips. You can see the cereal experience!

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