Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Happiness is a smiley baby in the morning. James smiled at me this morning and was happy to see me. Its a great way to start any day!

I forgot to write yesterday that James did sleep through the night on Sunday night. AND last night too! I don't want to credit the solid foods (rice cereal and carrots) but we'll have to see if this keeps up. I'm going to give him carrots again today but we'll switch back to rice cereal for one day, and then start with apples! I think he'll really like the apples- they're a smoother texture and sweet :)

We finally live in a grown-up house. I mean, our house still has baby items in plain view, but we've organized ourselves with dark brown wicker baskets for storage. Our diaper changing station is in a basket underneath the side table table in the living room; rattles, toys, and burp cloths are in another basket on top of the same table; and then our cameras and other electronics are in a basket underneath the TV. The ottoman (coffee table) is clear of clutter- but appropriately enough we have baby board books for our coffee table reading :)

Oh! I also forgot to mention that Uncle Joe came to visit on Friday night, and Grandpa Roger and friend came over to visit on Sunday night. Everyone was amazed with how much James has grown!

Thanks for reading this! Sorry there are no new pictures but the old ones are fun to look at too.

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