Friday, March 23, 2007

Like Father, Like son

The picture is James with his own Polo shirt, like his Daddy! When I first met Jim, he was always wearing Polo shirts. Grandma Rosie gave James this Polo onesie, its a little too big still, but we like it :) I think Jim should get a matching red Polo shirt and they should take Father/Son pictures!

Today is Jim's last day with James at home! Jim starts his job on Monday. I think its a little sentimental for Jim, realizing that he won't have all day with James anymore. He'll see him plenty at night and on the weekends, but its not the same. I felt the same way when I returned to work. I miss James so much, but I keep myself busy during the day and it goes by fast.

Tia Kristina is coming! Tia Kristina is coming! Tia Kristina is coming! She's arriving on Monday! I'll take Monday off to take care of James and to pick her up from the airport. We're pretty excited that she can help us out. We were so worried about putting James in daycare but also because he would only need to be there for two months and then we'd take him out for the summer (since I'll be home). This way we just wait on the daycare until September. Yay!

James slept through the night last night. He did go to bed a little later than usual (9:30pm) but woke up early. James was awake when I left the house for work, at around 7:20. He's such a good little boy. He gave me the biggest, sweetest smile this morning :)

We love our Baby James! I hope Jim has a lot of fun with him today. I know they're going for a walk since the weather will be nice! I also have a late work day today because I'm meeting my coworkers for a happy hour. Its going to be a busy day before that though!

Happy day!

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