Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday errands

We were off and running by 7:30am. We went out to breakfast at our favorite spot, Carol's. "Everything" omelets, thick wheat toast and homemade jam, and coffee...mmmmm.

After that we went to Michael's, Old Navy, the library, Linens n Things, Panera for lunch, etc. It was a fun, busy day with Jim and James. Jim gave James an "A+" for behavior- meaning he didn't fuss, he napped, he ate okay, and he was just so darn cute in his stroller.

We returned home from our errands with a very fussy James. He FINALLY fell asleep in his swing. I think he was just exhausted from crying.

We retired the bassinet to our storage closet. James has been too big for it for a while now. The bassinet served us well- James had many, many naps in it, he loved the vibration and sounds, and in the beginning we used it in our bedroom as he slept beside us. Okay, that didn't last long because James grunts and farts a lot in sleep, but its now a fond memory :) (I don't know if Jim would agree with that statement. It was definitely a hard week!) (Thanks Grandma Rosie for the bassinet! We didn't think of getting one but luckily grandmas know best :)

Well, I'm off to relax after a long day. Jim and I were glad to get out of the house- it was a beautiful, sunny day! I think the entire city of Blaine was out doing the same- parking lots, restaurants, and stores were crowded.

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