Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Duck tub

James had his first bath in the "big boy" duck tub. I've been giving him baths in his baby tub, over the kitchen sink, until last night. We put this duck tub in the regular bathtub and it worked well. I can see why you shouldn't EVER leave a baby unattended. He was slipping down often and I had to reposition him each time. I don't think he minded the different tub. He's not to the point of splashing around yet, but he will be soon!

I was a busy girl last night: I made dinner, I premade breakfasts for all of us (egg bakes), I made baby food (butternut squash), and I gave James a bath. It felt good to be productive and get a lot done. Kind of like getting up early in the morning this week has been productive. I feel organized. I guess Motherhood requires that!

James and his Tia Kristina had a good day yesterday. Kristina reported that James was a little fussy at his naptime but it didn't bother her. I think James is always a little fussy when he's overtired, so no big deal. He was reallly pleasant last night so I was glad to see that he's a happy baby :)

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