Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Four Months Old!

James is four months old today! He is a strong, healthy little boy. We have our doctor's appointment on Thursday so I'll update the blog then with weight, height, and general health news.

What's going on in James' world? Well, he likes to sit upright constantly. He's become a bit fussier when we attempt to put him down for naps or just to set him down out of our arms. Right now he's content and munching on one of his teething toys. I actually just spoke too soon because he just started to cry- wanting attention! He definitely loves to be the center of attention; he's such a happy boy when his Daddy and I are fussing over him :)

James still is working on 6 ozs for each bottle, approximately every 3-3.5 hours. He's sleeping pretty well- from 9pm to 4 or 5 am, when he has a bottle, and then he'll sleep for another 3 hours. Its not a bad schedule but we get so happy when we wake up realizing he's slept through the night and we didn't have to wake up for the early morning feeding. I still can't figure out why he sleeps through the night on certain days and not others. Babies are a mystery :)

Jim's been on several interviews and we are waiting to hear from them. We are waiting to figure out the daycare situation until then.

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