Thursday, March 15, 2007


I finally did take some pictures last night and put them on this babysite. Its so hard to sort through the pictures that I take and then delete the repeats. I feel badly deleting ANY picture of James but I think I have plenty :) Just last night I took 30 pictures! Okay, most of them were the same pose or turned out blurry but he's always cute!

James woke up at 5am this morning for a bottle. He did not sleep through the night. I asked Jim if he could get up, and he did, but then he ended up staying up for the day. When I left for work at 7am, Jim was downstairs playing pool! Daddy Jim has lots going on today, some job follow-ups.

James hasn't been too enthusiastic about his new foods. He hasn't necessarily rejected the carrots but he doesn't enjoy it. I think Jim is going to try to give him baby oatmeal today, and then after that we will try apples or some other vegetable this weekend. Maybe sweet potatoes?

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