Tuesday, March 27, 2007

James & his Tia Kiki

I left James with his Tia for the first time this morning. I was surprised that Kristina was up and wide awake at 7am! (She's not well known in our family for being a morning person- like myself! Haha!) I feel so good about leaving James with his Tia, I just worry that he'll cry and be fussy. Well, I'll see them at lunch time. I'm sure everything is fine!

A teacher at my school gave me an article that she clipped from the Duluth newspaper last week. Here's a link to another Lisa Tauer giving birth in a car! The teacher said she did a double take when she saw my name but realized it couldn't possibly be me!

Jim said his new job is going well. He has a jam-packed week planned out for him, which he likes. I'm glad its going well :)

All is well!

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