Monday, March 12, 2007


Baby James has advanced to carrots! He didn't do as well with them as the rice cereal, but he may have been too frantic for his bottle. I tried to give him his bottle first and then go back to carrots, but I think the moment passed. I will try again today and if it doesn't go well, we will go back to the rice cereal for a couple of days. OR I can mix some formula in the carrots to soften/familiarize the taste.

The picture above is from the carrots adventure. I have to give a big thank you to Grandma Laura for the full body bibs! They are brilliant. I've been stripping James down to his onesie (just in case) and putting the full bib on him. Now *I* need a bib because I get James' food on me!

James and I ran some more errands yesterday, just to get out of the house but also to get his carrots and apples. I made his homemade baby food and I think it turned out well! I put the pureed carrots and apples (separately) in ice cube trays so that when we need a serving I just have to pop out a cube and defrost it. Very handy :) I hope I can continue this ambitious effort of making James' food. I think it will be a great, healthy way to get his vegies and fruits.

Please see the Baby Album "March" for the newest pictures, including some very cute pictures of James in his new baby hat.

Also, wish Jim good luck today- he has a 2nd interview this afternoon!

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