Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy Uncle Joe & Weekend update

We spent a very nice weekend with Grandma Rosie and Tia Kristina. Of course Tia Kristina has been here for almost a week now, and she's been very helpful and wonderful with James. James is getting valuable play time with his Tia, and probably gaining skillz each day.

Grandma Rosie came bearing Easter gifts. James got a big basket full of rubber ducky themed gifts- for his bathroom- and some clothing and bibs. Oh! And one of the best things- his space saver high chair! He can now sit at the table really comfortably and join the family in eating. Last night at dinner, I fed him his favorite food so far- squash- while we were all eating too. I think he appreciated being included in the meal time :)

Grandma Rosie came on Friday and helped to babysit while Jim and I went to the Blue Man Group show in St. Paul. Before the show we ate at Cosettas, an Italian restaurant. We're already planning on going back (with James?) at a more family friendly, less chaotic time.

On Saturday "the girls" went shopping while Jim had Daddy Duty. He ended up going to Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy's with James, to help celebrate Uncle Joe's birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNCLE JOE!) Grandma Laura was there too. I'm sure James had a good time. Though I heard he was kind of cranky.

Last night (Saturday) James got up TWICE in the night! Its probably the fussiest he's been since he was a newborn. He woke up at 12:45am and then again at 5am. Both times he had bottles and had a hard time going to sleep. He kept his Daddy up for a whole hour at 12:45, as he tried to get James back to sleep. We don't know what caused him to be fussy. Maybe too many strangers at the party? A change in his routine? Not enough formula during the day?

This morning Grandma Rosie woke up with James, letting us sleep in again. She also gave James a much needed bath. There's nothing like a fresh, clean smelling baby! Grandma left with the promise of coming back in a few weeks. We hope she does!

I have the week off because of Spring Break. I'm hoping the weather clears up so that I can take James out for a walk in the stroller. He probably needs the fresh air and I need the exercise! :)

Here's hoping for great weather! I wonder how the weather is in NYC? Shout out to Tia Ana and Uncle Rich. They're at the Big Apple for a vay-cay.

I can't believe I don't have any new pictures from the weekend! ARGH!

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