Thursday, April 12, 2007

First tooth!

I'm going to try and write this quickly. I'm not a morning person but I've been forcing myself to get up early- not only to get myself ready for work, but to be ready in case James wakes up before I leave for work. I can't imagine what our morning routine would have to be if we had to take James to daycare!

So you can see from the title of this journal entry that James is getting his first tooth!!! I thought I felt a tooth on Tuesday, and Kristina confirmed it yesterday. When you feel his gum, you can feel a tiny tooth trying to poke its way through! Its on the bottom. How cute James is going to look with a tooth! BUT how crabby he's going to be while he's teething! Tia Kristina said he was somewhat crabby yesterday during the day. Last night he was pretty quiet.

I don't have too many recent pictures. There are a couple of pictures in the April album of James' first playdate. Kristina's friend Kellee and her son, Maddox, came to visit on Tuesday. I guess James didn't have much of a reaction to another baby, just curiosity.

Its been a very busy week and I hope that I'll be able to calm down next week. I realized I hadn't updated this for many days. Sorry to all the fans!

Happy Day!

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