Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hola Jalapeno!

Just reporting on more great days with James. He went to bed a little late last night (9pm) and woke up later (7:45am). He is still waking up at least once a night for a bottle. I read that this is normal as he's adjusting to his new diet of solids, teething, and also it could be a growth spurt thing. I'm so curious to see James' progress at his next doctor's appointment- in May for his 6 month appointment.

I don't have any new pictures lately. I guess our nights have been full and I keep forgetting.

A new James development: he's grabbing at his feet! He's discovered his toes! He's been wearing shorts outfits and his little leg was scratched one day when he was overenthusiastic about grabbing at his feet. I've since cut his fingernails. I can't wait to see James suck on his toes- though I suspect it will be hard because he has that (big) little belly in the way!

Hola Jalapeno is the title of one of my favorite baby books. Tia Ana gave this book to James a while ago, its all about Mexican foods.

Tia Ana also just sent us (through Amazon) a baby foods cookbook. I had been checking out this book from the library and Tia Ana jumped right on the internet and ordered it for us when she was over for a visit. Thanks! I'm looking forward to experimenting with James' foods after we get the basics down. So far his foods are all just one ingredient foods. Pretty soon I can start some combination foods :)

All is well!

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