Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Five Month Birthday James!

James is five months old today! We had our usual photo session today, though I expect I'll take more tonight when I have both of my sisters here. I'll maybe have one of them take a family picture of James, Jim and I. When you see the pictures from today, you'll see that most of them will have James with his fingers/thumb in his mouth- its that age!

The end of spring break is here! I go back to work on Monday and Tia Kristina will take over with James. Its so great to have no worries when it comes to James and his daycare right now.

Please check the photo albums for more pictures, the video library for a short video, and for journal entries. I haven't been updating this babysite as often as the beginning, but I usually do it every couple of days. Yesterday I took more pictures than usual so there are some really cute pics in the baby album "April".

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