Thursday, April 26, 2007

Attempted ESCAPE!

We were laughing this morning that James tried to escape his crib last night but really, I wasn't laughing last night. He scared the crap out of me! I woke up at 2:30am because I could hear him crying, which is unusual because when he wakes up for a bottle its not usually a cry but rather a sad little whine. So I went down to get a bottle right away. When I came upstairs I found James on his tummy and with his leg stuck in the crib! I have read about babies breaking their limbs when they get stuck and struggle. I tried to get his leg out but couldn't because his chubby thigh was the part stuck and I couldn't move it out of the posts! I was so afraid of hurting him. I ran to get Jim, probably scaring the *%!@ out of him too, because I switched on the light and said, Jim! I need your help! He ran to help and managed to get his leg out right away. Luckily, James wasn't hurt but probably just startled and uncomfortable.

So now I have to think about putting the crib bumpers back on the crib. I took them off because they're a safety concern for very young babies (suffocation). I think now that James can roll, its okay to put them on. I just want to make sure with the pediatrican first. Since James has been rolling, I have been a little more nervous about putting him in the crib for bed. I didn't really imagine his leg getting stuck, but more frequent wake-ups and the baby monitor alarm going off (its sensitive to rolling).

So that was our excitement last night. Oh, and it was really difficult getting James to sleep last night. Jim and I took turns trying to soothe James to sleep. He cried a lot and finally fell asleep with me singing to him. Poor kid that he had to listen to THAT!

Sorry, no new pictures.

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