Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Visit from Katy

My friend Katy came over to visit today. She said James is very handsome. We thought her little boy Owen was coming over too but it didn't work out today because Owen went over to his grandparents' house, because Katy is on her way to Florida. Ahhh.... Sun.

I'm so glad James isn't reacting badly to "strangers" anymore. There was a week or so when James would cry when someone other than Jim or I would hold him or even be in front of him.

Well, I did an unofficial, at-home weigh-in of James this morning. He is weighing in at 19 1/2 pounds!!! I think he would be a heavyweight in a baby wresting competition! Its no wonder his little pants are all tight at the waist. We have tried going up a size but the 9-12 month size is too skinny and too long. He's 6-9 months size in length, but a little chunky around the middle :)

James is doing well with his solids. We've mastered squash, carrots, oatmeal, and rice. We're going to try apples again today or tomorrow. I probably have mentioned this already, but bananas and sweet potatoes are next for the new foods. James is an efficient eater and doesn't waste much. He's also fairly neat and doesn't get too messy.

Another new thing that James is doing: James likes to sit upright and I've been propping him up on the couch with a body pillow wrapped around him. He likes to lean waaaaay forward at the waist, and he eventually will plop forward and work his way on to his stomach. Sometimes he can't get his legs out from under him so I have to help, but I usually let him "struggle" it out. I've tried to capture it on my video camera but he gets camera shy or self-conscious, stopping what he's doing.

Well, James just woke up from his nap so its playtime. All is well!

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