Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Proud Mama

I was just showing off my latest "brag book" pictures to my Principal and some other staff at my school and they all said that James is so handsome! The other comment was that he is definitely BIG! He does look older than he is, especially since one of the pictures is of James sitting up, when he really isn't doing that on his own yet. I think I just got lucky with the camera!

James is doing well. I've increased his solids to 2 cubes (2 ozs) at a time. Every night James joins us at the dinner table and I have the baby food ready for him, in case he fusses. He always does! I think he knows that sitting at the table means food and he wants some too. I manage to take a bite of my own food in between his bites. It works out okay. Eventually he'll keep himself busy with his finger foods and dinner time will be less "work" for mom!

James had been sleeping through the night except for last night. Daddy (Jim) got to wake up at 3:30 with James. The other nights "sleeping through the night" means that we don't get out of bed, not necessarily that James is really sleeping through. He cries out, moans, and "talks" but goes back to sleep after a few minutes. One of my friends did tell me that eventually he will truly sleep through, and we won't hear a peep from him. Ahhhh... uninterrupted sleep!

I just wrote about how James is "work" and how he doesn't let us sleep. Well, I need to mention how much we love him and how much fun we have with him. I am certainly grateful and thrilled to have such a good baby in our lives. What would we do without Baby James!? :) The most beautiful thing I've ever seen is James' smile when he looks at me. I'm so lucky to have Baby James and a wonderful husband like Jimmy.

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