Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa Frank!

Today is Grandpa's birthday and James will celebrate with a bottle of formula :) Happy Birthday, Grandpa Frank and we hope you have a great birthday! This is an older photo of James and Grandpa Frank.

James has been a great baby. His Tia reported that yesterday was a good day but for a little "crab apple" episode. The other day I bought him a vibrating teether and the mesh feeders to help with his teething, though it hasn't seemed to bother him lately. The teether is supposed to feel good on his gums and James does like it. The mesh feeders are these little mesh bags that you can put frozen fruit, bananas, or ice cubes in. James will only be able to suck out what fits through the tiny holes. I gave him ice cubes yesterday and he really worked hard on sucking those.

James had his first taste of sweet potatoes yesterday and the good news is that he didn't spit them out! We're still waiting to see if they are a good food for him. Each food is given for three days to check for allergic reactions. So far, so good with all foods.

All is well with Tia Kristina and her favorite nephew James. She said that yesterday she had him screaming with laughter as she tickled him. Sounds like a good time :)

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday to get my blood drawn for a diabetes check. I actually had an eye doctor appointment on Monday because I've been having trouble with my vision- blurry, uncomfortable. They actually turned me away from the eye exam, suspecting that I could have diabetes concerns. I'm supposed to go back after I find out if I test positive for diabetes or not. I honestly don't know if that's the true reason for my vision problems, but I'm hoping all is well. I can't even think about having diabetes.

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