Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mini photo shoot

James and I had a mini photo shoot today, not realizing that tomorrow is his 5 month birthday! I should have waited but he was so cute this morning and I liked his little Baby Gap outfit. Of course, James looks cute in anything :)

He was particularly photogenic this morning. Really smiley and cooperative. I think I just uploaded 10 new pictures, all taken within 3 minutes. I'm just in love with this little baby!

Today's news is that James had a new fruit today. He LOVES bananas! No tricks necessary today to get his mouth open. He very eagerly opened and ate his smashed bananas.

I actually started him on two feedings a day. This morning he had his oatmeal cereal and this afternoon it was the bananas. I think I'll keep doing this- a cereal in the morning, fruit or veggie in the afternoon. I think it did fill him up (or maybe it was just too much bananas) because he didn't really have an evening bottle. I'm afraid he'll be waking up at least once tonight because he's still hungry. But you never know.

All is well! Jim is doing well at his new job, my spring break is almost over and its been fairly relaxing- though I would have preferred nicer weather- and Tia Kristina is enjoying the time with James.

Check back tomorrow (Friday) because I'm still going to take my monthly pictures with James, Brownie, and the monkey chair.

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