Wednesday, May 30, 2007

James has a girlfriend!

Haha. James is really into the Baby Einstein video that I checked out from the local library and whenever this little girl comes on to the screen, he lights up! Seriously- huge smiles and giggles. She is an older woman- probably 5 yrs old, a blonde cutie.

He likes the video so much I just bought a copy from ebay this morning.

I'm home this morning because my friend Elizabeth and her son Alex had to go to the doctor for a follow-up appointment. I plan on taking the morning off but because James just went down for a nap, I may just stay home for the whole day. We'll see!

James is doing really, really well at Elizabeth and Alex's house. Alex and James are playing well together, even sharing their toys. Elizabeth has said a few times that James is a great baby, pretty quiet and well-behaved always. He is a great eater, loves to be outside, and is napping pretty well- even in a strange playpen. I'm so glad James is responding well to other people. I was so worried for a while that he wasn't going to let anyone else hold him!

The only thing that had been stressing me out is the naptime situation. I wasn't able to put James down for naps until Jim showed me his method. I now rock James to sleep, holding him upright, and singing to him. It works! Within a few minutes he's out. I'm so glad because I felt like a terrible Mom who couldn't do it right.

James tried a new food today and loved it! He had cantaloupe and strawberry puree with rice cereal. I had been having trouble getting him to eat his solids but not today! I think he just doesn't like pumpkin, which is the food I had been concentrating on for the last few days. I guess he has a sweet tooth!!

Countdown to summer: only 6 more school days left!

I think May has been a good picture month. I just realized there are almost 100 pictures just from this month in the Baby Album "May"! Obviously we're having lots of fun with James lately. His personality is really shining through lately and he's such a sweet baby. His fussiness has decreased now that he can keep himself busy with his toys- and what cool toys he has! He has musical instruments, Legos, his Jumperoo, and his baby Firetruck.

Hope you're having a good week too!!

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