Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Grandma Rosie

Grandma Rosie is having so much fun with James! I came home and she expressed her disappointment that James naps for too long and she didn't have enough time to play with him! I had to laugh because some days *I* wish he would nap longer! She is coming to us with a new enthusiasm, much like Tia Kristina, and is so thrilled to spend every minute possible with Baby James.

Yesterday Grandma Rosie and James practiced crawling, had a feast of zucchini and sweet potatoes (baby food), went for a walk- where James tried the swing for the first time, on Grandma's lap! And James played with his legos again. He is such a good baby! Grandma Rosie kept saying that :) It sounded like a perfect day for the both of them.

Today, Tia Ana is stopping by the house while she's in the area for her work. She must have a deposition or a meeting with a client for her law firm. I'm sure they'll have a nice visit! Grandma Rosie was going to prepare for the visit by giving James a bath today.

Again, much like Tia Kristina, Grandma Rosie is doing everything possible to make our lives easier. She is up and awake early to help with James, making it possible for Jim and I to get ready for work and leave on time. I just don't know how we'll manage when Grandma leaves and I have to get James up early and take him to Elizabeth's house! I'm not a morning person so I'm not looking forward to a change in our routine. Its just for a short time (about 9 days total), and just until the end of the school year, so I know we'll make it through just fine! What a relief to have all of our family and friend(s) supporting us and helping us with coverage until I can be home! I can't wait for the summer! I'm sure Grandma will continue with Tia Kristina's efforts to teach James to crawl, and he'll keep me VERY busy! I'll love it :)

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