Thursday, May 24, 2007

1st Day with Elizabeth

I dropped James off this morning at Elizabeth's house for his first day of temporary daycare! He was in a great mood this morning and when I left he was smiling at Elizabeth and Baby Alex. I hope they have a good day... I'm more worried about Elizabeth's workload and whether she'll be able to get James down for a nap. I hope all goes well!

Other James news: he's scooting around and turning himself in circles! Last night I had James on a blanket, and on his tummy, and he would move his chest/shoulders to one side and then scoot the rest of his body over, turning direction on his tummy. I would guess this is a good step towards learning to crawl!

Nothing else is really happening. The daycare thing is the biggest thing going on in our lives. I'm trying not to stress about getting up too early and being (over)prepared and organized. I just really hope this works out well.

Another dilemma: My supervisor is saying that we are supposed to work the week of June 11th. He said we were given days off throughout the year (normal teacher duty days, non-student days) with the expectation of working the week of June 11th. I don't recall this conversation! And we have no arrangements for that week. I'm really going to have to figure this out, fast. I'm sure my co-workers are fighting this too- no one wants to work longer!

9 days of school left- and then I can be home with Baby James!!

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