Monday, May 21, 2007

It's a Boy!

While in the bath last night, James discovered his penis. I had just told Jim the other day that I read that at this age boys will discover themselves and pull at themselves. And then he did last night! It was pretty funny. He tugged and then it was over. (I'm sure James will enjoy reading this when he's 16!)

So I don't know what did it but James FINALLY slept through the night again! There were a couple of things different- was it the bath right before bed? the warm footed pajamas? the very short afternoon nap?

The last couple of days (since Grandma left) James has been teething and fussy. One night it was pretty bad, with Jim and I having to take turns holding him and trying every trick we know. I know Grandma would say its because James is missing her, but seriously- it hasn't been pretty! I hope those teeth pop out soon!

Grandpa Roger called yesterday and asked if he could come by for a visit. He brought over steaks, bread, and dessert. Uncle Joe & Aunt Kathy couldn't make it so he suggested we call Grandma Laura. Grandma Laura was able to come over for the last minute dinner and visit. There are a couple of pictures of Grandpa Roger and James in the Baby Album "May".

It was funny because Grandpa Roger saw the camera sitting on the living room ottoman, and he asked "Do you take many pictures?" Jim laughed! He said that I take pictures all the time. Yes, James is a well-recorded baby :)

So there are some cute pictures from the weekend. I really liked the Naked Baby pictures that I took on Saturday. James was a little fussy so I stripped him down to his diaper and he seemed to have fun with that. Every picture turned out really cute so I included most of them in the album.

I don't think James got a lot of sun this weekend but he is really looking brown! Jim did a comparison of his own leg and then James' and James is definitely a brown baby! He is much darker than his Daddy! James definitely has my coloring- skin, hair, and eyes.

James will have an eventful week. Jim is working from home Monday-Wednesday, and then on Thursday and Friday James will go over to my friend Elizabeth's house for daycare. We went over to Elizabeth, Drew, and Baby Alex's house on Friday night for a visit and to figure out the plan. It was a good visit- the babies didn't notice each other too much. Alex is 21 months old and very active. I'm sure James will learn a lot from him.

Have a great week!

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