Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day weekend

I had a really great first Mother's Day! We had the (local) grandmothers over for breakfast and took some pictures. (Please see the pictures in Baby Album "Mother's Day".) I received two great cards from Jim and Baby James- James even signed his! Jim and Grandma Rosie helped James hold a pen and sign the card :) I received a beauty day from my two men- a day for me to get "even prettier" by getting my hair done (cut and highlighted) and a manicure/pedicure.

Tia Kristina left us on Saturday and I know James is missing her. I found the song that she likes to sing, Los Elefantes, on iTunes so I downloaded it to my ipod. The song is a poor replacement for Kristina's singing, but James might like it.

Grandma Rosie is staying with us this week and helping to take care of James. She is already hard at work. She was faster than me getting up this morning and she already had James diapered and ready for the day. Grandma insists that its not "work" but we'll see at the end of the week! It is hard work keeping James entertained and happy- especially with his teething!

Last night we brought out the Baby Legos to introduce to James. He loved them! We had forgotten that we had them in the closet, saving them for when he was older. Jim brought them downstairs and James had a great time chewing on them and touching them. No building yet, but I'm sure that will be soon!

Please see the last journal entry for James' letter to his Tia.

Please see the Baby Albums "May" and "Mother's Day" for the latest pictures.

Have a great week!

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