Friday, May 11, 2007

First word!

Yesterday at James' 6 month doctor's appointment, he said his first word. It was so weird because it was plain as can be, and in front of Jim, myself, and the nurse. It was just a very faint, very cute "Hi". The nurse did a double take and said, Was that him?! And Jim thought it was ME. But it was James! I'm sure it was just baby babble but we all joked that he is advanced and talking already.

So at the doctor's appointment, James weighed in at 18 lbs 14 ozs. Very healthy. He may have lost some weight over the last few months, but this is still a gain from his 4 month appointment. It makes him in the 75th percentile for weight. He is now 27 1/4 inches- 75th percentile too.

Dr. Kuku said he looks very healthy and seems to be right on target for all of his developmental milestones (rolling, attempts to crawl, teeth). She did notice that his upper gums are very swollen, probably meaning that his front top teeth are coming in very soon!

Dr. Kuku gave the okay to start James on MORE solids, up to three meals per day. And to stop nighttime bottles. A couple of ounces of water or a pacifier is all he needs. Jim tried this last night but not with any success. He did end up giving James a bottle because he thinks his stomach was rumbling! Maybe we'll slowly start the water or no bottle at all.

Grandma Rosie arrived yesterday, to spend the weekend with us (and my sisters). She's staying for all of next week too, to help with James! I'm sure James is really excited about this! But we are saying goodbye to Tia Kristina, who leaves on Saturday. We won't think about that yet :(

Mother's Day is coming up! We have Grandma Rose and Grandma Laura invited for breakfast. I hope to take lots of pictures and video!

Have a great weekend!

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