Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Thursday off

James and I had a pleasant day. After his morning nap, we went to the library for new books, to get his haircut, and finally to Target to get a gift for Owen (Esme's brother). James also picked up a little something for himself. He liked a toy so much in the store that I did buy it for him. Of course he's less than enthusiastic now that we have it home! Ha.

Jim surprised us by skipping pool tonight so we had a nice night at home, the three of us. There are some pictures of Jim and James in the photo album. You can see that James likes to bite his Dada. I think that picture is funny because it really was the precise moment that James bit Jim, too bad Jim's face was out of the picture but he yelped quite loudly! You can also see all the slobber marks on Jim's jeans. I don't know why James likes to bite his Dada on the leg. With me, James bites my shoulder. Surprisingly, James does not have a biting problem at daycare!

Well, we have a problem. James' rash has come back on his back. He also has diaper rash. The diaper rash is bad enough that he's crying at diaper changes and as soon as his bottom hits the bath water. We're applying diaper cream, so hopefully it will go away soon. As for his back, I've switched his bath products and we're going to go without baths for a couple of days to let it clear up again.

James has stood twice on his own! He looked as surprised as I was! It was too cute.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of our visit with Esme, Katy, and Owen.

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