Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Anyone know a good lullabye?!

That Baby James has an internal clock that is so reliable! He has been waking up at 3am on the dot for the last couple of days. Last night was no different. At 3am I heard James "talking" and playing. We didn't make a move to get him so after a while he must have got bored and started to whine. Cry. This went on for about an hour. We felt like cruel parents letting him get back to sleep himself, but we don't want any 3am habits forming. The nights before we did go in to soothe him because he was sick. He doesn't seem sick any longer so we have to let him cry and get back to sleep. It was just so sad. I knew that if I went in his room, and if he saw me, he would cry harder. I was probably awake for an hour, listening to him talk to himself, cry, and crawl around in the crib. We turned down the monitor so we didn't hear everything- but I stayed awake and watched the monitor lights go up and down with the sound of his voice. Here's hoping that tonight is a better night. This Mama needs a good night of sleep!

I'm also worried about this weekend- if Jim and I are away, what will happen? I don't think Grandma Rosie will be able to stand James crying at night. Well, I hope he breaks this habit before then.

Can you see the new football theme? This babysite finally updated itself with new themes, a wider screen (?) and soon they'll have new photo tools.

Sorry there are new pictures. I have some new ones in the camera but I haven't had the time or energy to upload them.

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