Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mama moments

So my first moment to write about is my panic attack yesterday. I had an "off" day because I was feeling shaky, weak- probably low blood sugar. Well, I had finished eating and James finished too. I looked away and then looked at James and I swear he was purple! and shaking! His finger was in his mouth. I screamed and screamed for Jim but he didn't hear because he was in the garage. I couldn't get James out of the highchair fast enough. I pulled his finger out of this mouth and ran with him to the garage. James was perfectly fine and normal looking when we got to Jim. I think Jim thought I was crazy.

I laid down on the floor, my heart beating too fast, and I just cried. James was fine.

My nice Mommy moment today is just the pride I feel looking at James, not just today in particular. I am especially proud of him now that he is standing on his own and scooting around with his walker. He is a little man!

Please see our new pictures. The pictures of James trying on his snowpants and his new coat make me laugh! I thought of the movie "The Christmas Story" because of the little boy who was bundled up so much that he couldn't put his arms down or move! James reminded me of that little boy. He couldn't do much besides roll over. I don't know how he is supposed to PLAY in that gear! Oh, and please see the video below :) James is standing on his own!

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