Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First steps!

James took his first steps last night! I thought I was just wishful thinking the first time he did it. But then the second time (witnessed by Dada Jim) we both agreed that they count! I was balancing James so that he was standing on his own, and he would do that for 5-10 seconds each time. And then all of a sudden he would take tiny little steps forward and then fall. Yay! He's almost walking :)

Of course it happened so fast that I wasn't able to capture it on video. I didn't want to miss a second so I didn't tear myself away to get the camera. Next time!

In other news, James slept through the night. I figured out that he does have a molar tooth coming in on the top. Poor baby- I think those are painful. So last night, even though he seemed fine, we did give him a bit of baby Motrin to ease his pain. He also sucked on ice cubes earlier in the evening like a crazy, frantic baby! They must have felt good on his sore gums.

Oh! And James said "goodbye" (more like "gooodbah") to his Dada this morning as we left for daycare. We both heard it and thought he is an amazing, smart baby! Okay, so maybe he doesn't really know what goodbye is, but we still think he's amazing!

Happy Birthday to me. We are going out to dinner and will have much fun celebrating :)

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