Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Laura!

Update 10/18: I just added some pictures from this morning. James and I are enjoying a pajama day on this rainy day :) After his morning nap, we're going to get dressed and run errands and get his hair cut. Enjoy the pictures :)

(A day late.)

James and Jim had a great night, taking out Grandma Laura for her birthday dinner. I, unfortunately, was stuck at work for parent/teacher conferences. I heard that James was very well behaved and very interested in people watching. He usually eats well and I think he did for that dinner. I'm sure Grandma Laura enjoyed the time with James.

I missed being with James yesterday! I only really saw him in the morning, before work. Jim dropped off and picked up James yesterday because I had an early morning meeting and then the conferences after school. It was a long day, made even longer by not seeing Jim or James very much.

I don't have school tomorrow or Friday though! James and I will enjoy some time at home. Tomorrow I plan on taking James for a haircut. On Friday we finally will be meeting Baby Esme, my friend Katy's daughter. They came back from Columbia more than a month ago, but we haven't been able to coordinate schedules. Finally on Friday! I think James will enjoy seeing Esme, she has big brown eyes like him :)

Jim thinks that James is enjoying plenty of female attention at daycare. Most of the other kids are girls, and they LOVE James. One little girl refers to James as "Pete"- no reason why. Sandra corrects her and tells her that James is James, and she's learning, but she kept saying "Pete, Pete, Pete!" when I picked up James. It was cute.

No recent pictures. I don't know why I keep forgetting to take pictures.

I hope that James and I enjoy our days off and the weather cooperates!

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