Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun at the Park

All I wanted to do today was take James to the park. I'm so glad we made it there and the weather cooperated! It was actually great weather- the right temperature and blue skies.

Sandra has told me that at daycare they visit the park often and James likes to climb on the equipment. So I was eager to see what he can do. He did great! The first picture from our park adventure is the greatest- Jim caught James by the foot before he went too far and down the slide! I think James could have climbed all over that toddler playground for hours. He kept going back and forth, up and down. He did so well going down the stairs- it must be a skill gained at daycare because we didn't teach him how to scoot backwards and then down a stair. He hardly needed us!

It was a fun adventure- please see our pictures and the video clip below.

We have another adventure tomorrow when Tia Ana and Tio Rich come over to help me celebrate my birthday a little early! (Oh, and watch the Vikings game too.)

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