Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mama's birthday

James and his Dada were very good to me for my birthday. James even signed my card! Jim gave me the most beautiful locket necklace, with James' picture in it- so its close to my heart :)

We went out for dinner, but it ended up being a short time out because James was not happy. He didn't people watch as he normally will do, and he didn't want to eat any of the food I cut up for him. Oh well. He wasn't misbehaving, but it was unusual for him. We still had a nice meal and margaritas :)

We had good news yesterday that Jim sold his car! We are buying Tia Ana's car, and she will be getting a new one too. My car is being fixed today, while Jim has taken the day off. I hope our car is done in time today to pick up James- since that is our only car seat! Well, once we buy Tia's car and get a second car seat, it should be a lot easier for Jim and I to share the responsibility of picking up and dropping off James. I will be able to attend early morning school meetings again. I have been avoiding them so far this year.

Well, it should be an uneventful day. I hope Jim manages to relax today because he's been up since 3am! He could not sleep. When that happens, I can't sleep either because I am worried about him. Let's just hope that James is well rested later today or we're in trouble!

We are thinking about my family in California. I know that my Dad/Julie, and my grandparents are safe but its really scary to think about all of those poor people who have lost homes or who have had to evacuate! I haven't talked to my Dad yet (I missed his call last night) but I hope to talk to him later today.

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