Monday, October 8, 2007

We missed James!

We missed James terribly this weekend! Jim and I had our weekend away in Duluth while Grandma Rosie and Tia Ana took care of James. I know they had a great weekend and kept James very entertained and happy. I don't think James really noticed we were gone! All weekend though we missed him, and thought about what he might be doing at those exact moments. We knew he was in good hands but I worried about him being "off" because he's still getting over his cough. He was fine though!

Duluth was rainy and overcast the entire weekend. We drove up the North Shore and did a little sightseeing, stopping at the resort that we stayed at for our first anniversary. We did quite a bit of shopping and picked up some early Christmas presents for James. (It was all about James!) Overall, it was a quiet weekend and we got lots of sleep!

It was so exciting to see James yesterday when we got home. I expected a huge greeting but he was busy with his bottle so I got a big smile only. I think Jim got a bigger greeting because he was a minute behind me. James sat up and squealed for his Dada. He was in a great mood all day up until near bedtime. He didn't eat much for dinner, but then guzzled his bottle at 7pm. I guess he was hungrier then and that settled him down because he was happy again.

Being away from James was probably a good thing. We always are aware of how much we love him but I think I appreciate the time we have with him much more now. He really is a loveable, fun little kid! His smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

Sorry! No new pictures. Jim and I didn't even take any pictures on our trip. I will have to take some tonight, especially since I missed his 11 month birthday on Saturday.

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