Wednesday, October 10, 2007

11 months!

James has been 11 months old for a couple of days now. Jim and I had our romantic Duluth weekend and so we actually missed the 11 month birthday day. I haven't taken my usual pictures but I hope to this weekend. The weekday nights are just too full and short to take the time I need to get James dressed, clean, and posed. He is a squirmy baby and doesn't sit still long enough for a series of pictures :)

At 11 months James is still busy crawling (fast!) and cruising around the house, holding on to the walls, cabinets, or furniture as he walks around. He also loves his push walking toy but gets really, really frustrated when he walks into the wall and can't steer away. I'll go over and steer him towards empty space and he's happy again.

Also at 11 months: James can hold his own bottle, says "Da Da" a lot, claps his hands, holds his arms up asking to be held, can repeat back some sounds- like Da, Ba, Bee, Muah, etc. I'm not sure if he associates "Da Da" with his Daddy, or Ma Ma with me yet. I'm sure that will come soon!

I took a couple of pictures tonight of a messy spaghetti dinner. He is definitely a big eater when the mood strikes him. Tonight he had whole wheat spaghetti and sauce and then peas. He amazes me by how much he can eat. It was especially funny tonight to see him with spaghetti sauce everywhere! I thought he looked like an Ooompa Looompa with his red/orange face. Haha.

We have great weekend plans! We plan on going to the Mall of America and a pumpkin patch! We're starting to think of James' birthday next month and we must hit every toy store in the state! (Jim, don't be scared.)

Check back often :)


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