Thursday, November 1, 2007

Baby Yoda

James was Baby Yoda for Halloween! He was the cutest!

I wasn't very enthusiastic about Halloween this year but I made myself make the effort for James' sake- his first Halloween! I think I was upset that we couldn't go drop in on any of MY family because they don't live close by :( I guess I was feeling some family blues!

But Grandma Laura and Uncle Joe/Aunt Kathy were very excited to receive James for Halloween. We only stayed a few minutes at Laura's, but Joe/Kathy included James in their candy hand-out so we ended up staying longer and missing James' usual bottle/bedtime by 15 minutes. James was fine :) He was happy to explore a new house (we hadn't been there in awhile) and to see other kids dressed up too.

Sandra told me that at daycare James was talking up a storm! She was telling one of the little girls that she was a "Good Girl" and James shocked them all by repeating that! So Sandra worked on that with James, and he repeated it when I got there to pick him up too! I think "Good" is definitely his first word- we think he's been saying "Good-Bah", or goodbye, for a while now. Jim also swears that James said "High Five" the other day. We have a genius baby! I think he's going to shock me by just talking all of a sudden.

James was quite the talker this morning- babbling and trying to get our attention constantly. Jim and I were proud parents this morning, as we ate our breakfast and watched James play. He is the best baby ever!!

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