Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mall Santas suck

We tried to visit Santa today at Rosedale mall, and he was there, but the CD burner wasn't working so we couldn't buy the picture CD. So we did not bother. We are hoping to visit Santa at another location, especially since Jim is now bitter towards the Rosedale Santa. Ha. Ho.

James was especially handsome today in his new sweater, cords, and brown shoes. Its too bad that Santa's elves couldn't figure out the CD/picture burner.

We also stopped at Babies R Us for more babyproofing supplies. James is into every drawer and cabinet he can reach. Jim bought a fancy new system that uses magnets, so he doesn't have to drill holes in the cabinets. Hope they work!

Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful. Grandma Laura and Grandpa Roger came over for turkey and other goodies. James didn't realize it was a special meal- he didn't want to eat the homemade green bean casserole, the turkey, or the pumpkin cheesecake. He liked Stove Top, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes (so-so), and cranberries (so-so).

Its been cold enough that we brought out James' winter coat. He seems to like it okay, though its big and poofy. I think its pretty warm for him. James does not seem to mind the cold! He actually perks up a bit when we're rushing between stores or the house, and he smiles. I think he's going to like winter :)

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