Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sweet Baby James

Well, we are gearing up for the big birthday party! We are having our immediate family over for a birthday lunch on Saturday. We aren't going over the top with anything- no ponies, no clowns, no tents. Haha. I think James will just be happy to have his adoring Grandmas, Grandpas, Tia, Tio, Aunt Kathy, and Uncle Joe around him. I mean, that's already 10 adults including Mama and Dada. A full, happy house :)

I still have not figured out the birthday cake thing. Our original plan of train cakes has not become reality yet. I have one last experiment tonight and then its on to Plan B: cupcakes! I almost wonder if James would enjoy a frosted chocolate cupcake more? We shall see!

I thought about taking Friday off but I'm not sure how that will work out. My supervisor is being a grump so I'm not sure if I dare ask for the day off. I really should save my sick/personal days anyway. It sure would be nice to be at home with James!

I think James really enjoyed his birthday at daycare. The other kids went NUTS with excitement. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sandra had a gift for James! She waited until the end of the day to give it to him. I got to daycare that afternoon and the kids screamed with joy- they had been waiting for me so that James could open his gift. So they took my hands and dragged me to the living room :) Sandra took our picture with James, the other kids, and the gift. It was a Fisher Price toolbench (small sized). James loves to hit the buttons with the little hammer and watch them light up and sing.

We also gave James a present from Mama and Dada- its a Fisher Price Amazing Animals Train. He seems to like it okay. It also lights up and sings, and James like to push the smokestack to activate it. It also moves forward. James likes to crawl behind it and follow. He hasn't really caught on that he can play with the animals too, but he will :)

Dada is saving his special present for James for Saturday!

James is a wonderful baby!

Check back later for an update after James' doctor appointment today! We are so curious to see how big our little boy is!

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