Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We love James! He is a sweet baby :)

Poor James has a cold. Since Sunday he's been on the snotty side (yuck!), and he was very crabby on Monday night. We checked his temperature and he was fine. He was just not a happy boy though. A little bit of Baby Motrin and he was okay.

I updated his growthchart to include his weight and height measurements. It seems like he went down but the doctor said that last time was an informal visit and he was weighed with his clothes and shoes. I guess that's correct, so really he didn't lose weight but has stayed the same for the last month or so. Normal. He is at the 60th percentile for both weight and height.

James is doing well enough with his whole milk/formula bottles. He still doesn't care for whole milk on its own- I give him a sippy cup with just milk at meals and he doesn't ever drink it. I even bought some drinkable Yobaby yogurt, but he doesn't touch that either unless he's reclined on the Boppy. I guess the problem could be (with the whole milk) that he can't tip the cup far enough to get the milk.

Well, there's not much to update! James is a great baby and just really happy :)

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