Saturday, November 17, 2007

James on the loose

See below for what happens when I turn my back. I was at the bathroom mirror putting on make up, I turn around and see James doing this! Haha.

James and I went shopping today. We ended up returning the Baby Gap winter coat and snowpants :( Grandma Rosie gave us a much better snowsuit- probably more practical too. For daycare, I would guess that Sandra would prefer a one piece. The two pieces were terribly hard to get on James, and he literally could not move! So we took the set back to Baby Gap, where they told me that they will have NO problem reselling it. They are selling like hotcakes or something. For everyday use, I found a winter jacket at Macy's for $14.99! They were having a huge sale and I had a 20% off coupon too, so the jacket was even less! Bargain! We also found winter boots at Stride Rite. Yay :)

James flirted with all of the sales people and women in lines. One lady gushed about his beautiful eyes. James enjoyed the attention, but even more he liked looking at himself in the mirror whenever we passed one. He knows he's cute!

Jim has been sick all week. James too. They both have runny noses and coughs, just slight though. I've been sniffly too but I didn't have time to be sick! I had a lot going on at work and I had two nights out (one was a beading class and last night I had a girls night- movies, food, friends).

James did very well for his Dada on Wednesday night. Last night he was a little fussy, this morning too. We think he's teething- there is lots of drool too.

James showed off a new word for me today. Jim practiced "tickle-tickle-tickle" with James and he repeats it! He makes the tttttick sound. With me, he has been practicing "Uh oh!" He even mimics the tone I use. He's a genius baby :)

James loves his little cars from Tia Ana and Uncle Tio. The cool thing is that they also work in the parking garage from Grandma Laura. James hasn't quite figured out that the cars zoom down the ramp, but he will. For now, he is happy to pull up on the parking garage, grab a car, and then scoot across the room with it. He once mimicked me making the "bbbbbbbb" car sound as he pushed it across the carpet. Cute! It was such a little boy sound :)

James is amazing! I had a chance to brag about him to my friend Elizabeth last night. She was eager to hear all the details, since she hasn't seen him since early June, when she helped to care for him. Her little man is two years old plus and she's expecting! She said James inspired their family- that they could handle a second baby :)

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