Friday, November 2, 2007

Good boy

James really is a good boy. Jim had pool last night so it was just James and myself. We ran some errands before going home, and then he played quietly while I made us our dinner. James loves spaghetti and chicken, so I decided to combine the both. We had the same dinner, but James' was cut into baby-sized pieces :) He was a great eater!

After dinner we played until bedtime. The time passed so fast! James was very talkative so I practiced Mama, Dada, Good Boy, and other sounds. He's doing very well! Sometimes he will repeat sounds back, but usually he will babble whatever he likes. Please see the video below for my attempts to get him to say "Good Boy". He is still trying to say Good Girl after learning that at daycare. The other fun video is James having a great time with making funny noises with his hand and mouth. It was fun!

We missed Dada, but we made the most out of a quiet evening at home.

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