Monday, November 26, 2007

First Kiss

Okay, the first kiss happened a while ago and I guess I didn't really write about it. But today, when I dropped James off at daycare, he kissed the same girl and in the cutest way. I was talking to Sandra in the doorway and she put James down to play with the other kids. He immediately crawled over to the kids, looked at the little girl Reagan and leaned in for a kiss. She leaned in too and let James kiss her. She's about 3 so she's talking. She made a big deal of the "wet kiss" and how James likes her. Sandra says that she's very attentive to James and will give him his Blankie whenever he looks unhappy or starts to cry.

Also, James received a lot of attention at the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday. We were sitting at lunch and at the next table was a family, with a couple of girls who kept ooohing and ahhhing over James and his beautiful brown eyes. He kept turning in his highchair to look at them, doing the cutest things like clapping and babbling. They were in love with him and stopped to chat after their lunch. I'm glad they didn't try to steal James from us!

James is too cute!

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