Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bum troubles

Poor Baby James! His little bottom is red and raw :( This has happened before, where he gets a diaper rash that flares up pretty badly and then it goes away within a few days. I got to daycare today and Sandra told me that it was bad, that its only in one little spot but he had bled a little. My heart just about broke! And then again when I changed his diaper at home and saw it for myself. We cuddled James a little extra tonight and were very gentle with him. He will be fine but I don't know why this happens.

I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow! A teacher friend is coming to the school for a baby shower, she had the baby last month and is still on her leave. This is what they did for me at the school too, for my shower. I found the Blankie book at Target and bought a little blanket, and other things for her gift. I'm just excited to see a baby and remember how little James was at one month.

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