Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear Grandma Rosie

Hi Grandma Rosie! This is James writing. I'm very excited you're coming today. I can practice my words with you. And you can play with me tonight while my Mama and Dada go on a date (what's that?)

See you later!



(Mama speaking)

James had a doctor's appointment yesterday. He is a healthy little boy! He did not gain any weight (I forget the exact measurements, I'll update with them later today) but he is healthy as can be! The doctor gave the go ahead for whole milk, eggs, turning the car seat forward (yay!), and everything else that goes along with being a ONE year old!

I am only working half a day (I got the okay from my supervisor) and will be picking James up at 11:30, just in time for his nap at home. Hopefully while he naps I can straighten up the house before Grandma Rosie comes over with the white glove test. Ha!

We are so excited to see our families this weekend! We will be missing Tia Kristina, Tio Gilbert, Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie though. Hopefully we can see them soon!

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